My journey in christianity began at the age of 5 years old in Victory Outreach mother church where I gave my life to Jesus along side my mother.
It was through this wonderful ministry that I would come to see my family saved, my parents marriage restored and a new opportunity of life for my brothers and I.
Like many young people raised in church I gave into the lie that the world had something better to offer me than the things of God.
So as a teenager I made the decision like the prodigal son to venture off and experience the world for myself.
At the age of 17 while exiting a typical 80’s house party that I threw with some of my high school buddies the Lord began to speak to my heart and transform my life.
It began with a question asked directly to my spirit.
I heard the Lord ask me why I was drawing people further from him when I have been called to draw them closer to him? At that exact moment the police showed up to break up the party and I felt as though the Lord allowed the entire night just to get my attention.
It was in that moment that I felt a strong conviction of the Holy Spirit and I made the decision to surrender my life to Jesus. That was in January of 1988 and since then I have never turned back.
That experience would launch the discovery of my true purpose in life. My first step into ministry was as one of the original team members for what would be known as the God’s Anointed Now Generation.
Led by Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni Jr. who pioneered the G.A.N.G. and is currently the senior pastor of Victory Outreach Chino. The G.A.N.G. is currently the International youth ministry for Victory Outreach International and has over 10,000 people involved world wide.
It was there that I would learn so many valuable lessons about building ministries from scratch and tapping into my God given creativity to reach our generation.
I served as the music ministry leader for over 10 years. During that time I met my first wife where God raised us up and transitioned us out of the youth and into the role as ministers of music for the Victory Outreach mother church.
This was a huge step moving from a youth ministry of 500 young people to now a mega church of 4000 people.
We faithfully served in that role for over 15 years under the leadership of our pastors Sonny Arguinzoni Sr. and his wife Julie the founders of Victory Outreach International.
We seen the hand of God take that music ministry from 40 people to over 250 people. During that time many things were birthed in the ministry.
For instance we would become a model music ministry that would go on to inspire and lead an International music ministry that involved thousands of worshippers globally. We developed a unique and anointed style of Praise and Worship that combined Gospel music with a contemporary cutting edge urban sound all our own. We wrote and arranged over 40 original songs that were being sung throughout the world at that time. We produced and recorded CDs entitled Forever Praising the Most High and Praise the Lord to name a few.
In 1999 the dynamic ministering group The Voices were birthed. This singing group went on to minister to thousands of people from around the world and witness thousands of souls reached through anointed concerts and services.
Over the years my position as the minister of music gave me the privilege to lead worship for many of the greatest men and women of God of our time such as: Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni Sr., Dr. Morris Curillo, Evangelist Nicky Cruz, Pastor David Wilkerson, Pastor Jack Hayford, Marilyn Hickey, Evangelist Benny Hinn, E.V Hill, R.W. Shambach, Mario Murillo and the list goes on. During that time we had the honor to serve our founders and organize the music for many of The Victory Outreach International conferences and events for well over a decade.
In the third decade of ministry I would come to face the greatest challenges of my life.
It began with a promise from God I heard him speak that he was calling me into my never before.
The excitement and the expectation of that promise filled my heart and I began to envision my life going to levels I had never experienced before. I remember a time so vivid It involved my pastor praying for me at the altar and telling me don’t fear the unknown.
At that moment I felt a shift take place in me that said maybe this promise wasn’t going to be everything I thought it would be and boy was I right.
The first step of my never before involved my transition from minister of music to evangelist. This was a direct challenge to my faith and my confidence in God. I went from making a pretty good salary to living by faith in a months time.
Then the Lord saw it fit to deal with the sins in my life that I had committed against him.
It was a time of dealing with the hurt I caused my family, being hurt by people and feeling displaced and isolated all at the same time. I didn’t think I was going to make it through.
It was a direct challenge that would remove the clutter I had accumulated, clarify my calling and my purpose and establish a deeper more genuine relationship with Jesus.
Then the bottom fell out on July of 2013 when my first wife Vera was suddenly diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Sadly in a little under 4 months on October 4, 2013 the Lord saw it fit to take her home and welcomed her into eternity. This tragedy sealed the fact that my life had been transitioned out of what I knew and into what I have never lived.
It was then I realized to go where I have never been meant I must learn to do what I have never done and that meant I had to become who I have never been before. The stripping off the old was a lengthy and hard process for me. It was during this time that I truly felt I had hit rock bottom. Unbeknownst to me these painful events were birthing a brand new me. I felt like the karate kid when he was working for days for Mr. Miyagi and later discovers that all the work he was doing was actually teaching him what he always wanted to learn. It was through these challenges where I discovered my never before was nothing like I thought it was going to be. What I thought was going to destroy me was building me the whole time. I soon realized my never before was more focused on my transformation than it was my destination. My life began to expand in the midst of this painful season.
One of the greatest gifts to come out of that life learning season was my wonderful wife Kristina. She has brought such an excitement to my life and every time I see her I‘m grateful for the grace of God and a second chance at life.
Today we are happily married serving as Evangelist in Victory Outreach International and we are ready to build our never before life and ministry together.
Today my life looks completely different then it did 15 years ago and I owe it all to Jesus. He truly works everything out for the good of those who love him.
I have learned the power of the word of God found in Isaiah 43:18-19 where it reads:
Forget the past behold I am doing a new thing, now it springs up, do you not perceive it?
Today I am living a next level life of freedom and faith with a future focus.
I am so happy to share my experiences with the world and help people shift their life to their greatest level.
We hope you enjoy yourself as you explore our website and that you discover the many things that will advance your life into your never before.
– Armando Gonzales