Welcome to our Leadership/Music Ministry Forum

The purpose of this free forum
is to come TOGETHER, share information and build.
Through this forum we will create discussions that will help enhance your ministry in 3 specific categories:
  1. Function
  2. Expansion
  3. Excellence
We will focus on topics like growth, skill development, networking, creative ideas and leadership development to name a few.
We will hear from experts in various fields of ministry and offer training videos for your team to view.
How will I benefit from this forum?
We believe we are bigger, better and stronger and can accomplish much more TOGETHER as a team then we can by ourselves.
This forum will give you access to a network of highly skilled people that will help you reach your ministry goals at an accelerated pace.
Through this forum we encourage you to connect and begin to schedule your own online training with someone who has the skills you and your team may need.

How can I become a part of this free of charge forum?

Follow these 4 easy steps
1. Follow us on Instagram @ilivegrateful, Facebook@Mando and Kristina and subscribe to our YouTube page @Mando Gonzales to stay connected and receive updates.
2. Download the zoom app on your computer, tablet or smart phone.
3. Get the zoom ID number and password which we will provide to you through our social media platforms and log on to the scheduled date and time.
4. Be ready to discuss the topic selected.

How can I stay connected to the network in between Forum sessions?

Join us on the Band App
Here you can connect with others in the network and receive updates on events, trainings and helpful materials.

Follow these 2 steps

1. Download the Band App on your phone

2. And follow this link Click Here

For over 31 years I’ve given my life to see the Lord receive the highest praise through the ministries I have been a part of and it remains a passion of Kristina and I to this day. So it’s with great joy to see this forum developed and witness people share their experience, sharpen their skills and see us reach our goals at an accelerated pace all by joining TOGETHER.
The vision we share is to build strong, healthy, anointed ministries that continue to minister to hurting people and glorify the Lord so why not accomplish this TOGETHER.
I pray we continue to answer the call of God in these end times. This is the dawn of the greatest revival of our generation.
Let this 3rd awakening bring forth a 3rd wave of revival to our world and to God be the glory.